Pitching at Google HQ

Pitching at Google HQ
April 15, 2014 the team

On April 8 took place the Paris Founders Event, a networking event organized by the blogRudeBaguette.com and hosted by Google. We were very proud and happy to be selected among the 5 winners of the night. We had the occasion to do a live demo of siilar in front of 250 members of the FrenchTech ecosystem.

The public was very enthusiast, as described by Courntey Pulitzer on her blog :

The final finalist to present was another « wow » musically. Siilar (Similar Search), by Niland, as presented by co-founder and CEO Damien Tardieu showed how either through a web-app or API integration you can « use music to find music. » For example, let’s say Don Draper says, « we need to use the music BMW used in their commercial, » but you can’t use the same because you need to do something different. Or let’s say you want to find a song like Hollysiz’s « Come Back To Me » but you want a male voice. Plug in the song, select the tags to differentiate your search and you get results after the product has scanned all the songs that sound like it in the world registry. Currently they are targeting commercial enterprises because individual users « won’t pay. » The speed and accuracy of the search was impressive and I heard murmurings throughout the room.



It has been a very interesting event and we got it people; we will eventually work on B2C product ☺
Get in touch with us on Twitter if you’d like more details.

The team,


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