Niland, what does it mean?

Niland, what does it mean?
October 4, 2016 the team


Niland is not the usual startup name you are expected to encounter when you meet a team working on technology. When we started the company in mid-2013, we did not want to use a cliché name and fall into eo, ea or drop-the-vowel trends.

We wanted our company to be seen as a trustworthy helper, not a faceless technological corporation. We are working with the music industry and needed a human touch in our name. Even if we are machine learning startup, we do consider that music is more than just data.

So we ended up with NILAND, which is pronounced : nAY-luhnd

So, what the story behind this startup name ?

Our core-technology analyze music audio through Deep Learning algorithm to uncover what listeners find important when enjoying and listening to music. We believe our audio technology can describe music beyond words and human concepts such as instrumentation, moods or genres. We draw the musical portrait of any songs, just like a human ear would do to say “it sounds like…”. Doing so, we are able to map the world of music using machine learning. Playing with technology, finding music using music, one of our founders quoted this verse from John Donne :

No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

We tweaked this verse into “no song is an island”, to express the idea that all music are interconnected to each others. Our technology help our clients and user to navigate from one song to another, all of them being part of same ocean.

No song i an islands got shorted into N-I-L-A-N-D

That’s the story behind our name.


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