MIDEM OFFICIAL BLOG :La French Tech at Midem: Cap Digital presents France’s hottest startups

MIDEM OFFICIAL BLOG :La French Tech at Midem: Cap Digital presents France’s hottest startups
January 3, 2014 the team

La French Tech at Midem: Cap Digital presents France’s hottest startups

Time to meet some of France’s most exciting music startups!

a French Tech is an initiative launched by the French government last December, to represent French digital stakeholders at major international events. This morning at Midem, ten startups had the opportunity to pitch at a stand sponsored by Cap Digital. Here are some of the entrepreneurs pitching their projects.

Phonotonic aims at changing the way we experience music by using“connected objects”. Having observed that you can’t really play music without an instrument, they are using technology and motion sensors to develop musical games for both the public and the labels: each body movement is translated into a particular sound by the object. They have, for instance, put sensors in clothes during a fashion, allowing the models to create the music tracks for the catwalk themselves. Of course, they let you choose the music genre! (see photo above; Phonotonic is represented by Nicolas Rasamimanana at Midem)

Blitzr‘s founders say there are currently two main problems in the music world:we are drowning in music services, and metadata is the big disruption affecting many actors. The startup’s objective is to combine music services and data into one single user-friendly interface. This “ultimate music aggregator” proposes a semantic search engine and recommandation tools, such as “the first-ever price comparison service for music”, to help customers buy concert tickets, albums, tracks, etc. (Blitzr is represented by Johan Sebenne at Midem)

Kizym is a platform of music sharing that allows artists to reach their fans directly: they can upload their works on the website, fix the price for their songs/albums (they can sell them for free if they want!) and choose the audio format. On the other end, fans can download the works of they pay (and they can give more than the price thus fixed). The artists take 100% of revenues, and 90% after one year on the platform. Kizym sees itself as a new means to discover, share and support creation, via an intense use of its users’ social media profiles. (Kizym is represented by Lionel Montillaud at Midem)

Siilar (by company Niland) presents itself as a “music search environment” designed for catalogue owners (publishers and libraries): it’s a new tool for music licensing projects, allowing its users to “use music to find music”. For instance, it enables you to find all the songs that sound similar to a musical reference (“Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind with a girl singing”, etc.). It should thus be possible to answer clients’ briefs within a few clicks. The algorithm Siilar uses was awarded several times in academic competitions. (Siilar is represented by Damien Tardieu at Midem)

Snowite was founded in 2006 and sees itself as a digital mediation platform that helps publishers and majors use their catalogues for new business opportunities, such as premium deals and B2B partnerships. The backend platform creates music APIs to build entire frontends on web, mobile and IPTV. A B2B player is also featured on the website. (Snowite is represented by Jérémy Govciyan at Midem)

Having observed that collecting societies lack actual recognition technologies,Traxair offers a tool to know exactly what is played in venues, such as night clubs. The device can be plugged directly into DJ mixers, amplifiers, etc. Pointing out the imminent vote of the European directive on collecting societies, Traxair wants to position itself in this new business environment.(Traxair is represented by Cédric Gaudard and Stéphane de Saint Louvent at Midem)

Be sure to stop by the Cap Digital stand in the Lerins hall to say hello to all these startups and more! Follow La French Tech on Twitter: @lafrenchtech, and use the hashtag #FrenchTech for all the latest news!


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