Introducing the Scarlett Playlist Bot

Introducing the Scarlett Playlist Bot
February 14, 2017 the team

//* UPDATE : the Scarlett bot is now deprecated *//


Alongside Virtual reality, this year has certainly been the year of chatbot technology. A few month ago, a DJ bot called Lazyset was launched on twitter. From any artist, the bot will generate you a Spotify playlist using the Spotify Discovery API.

We thought it was an amazing idea so we decided to do the same for the Soundcloud content. It will be even cooler to personalize the playlist to your taste, and not only aggregate tracks from similar artists.

The Scarlett bot

Our bot is based on , a pandora-like experience we built a couple of months ago. This web-app is kind of a playground for us. We regularly try and test new recommendation algorithms on it.

The newly released Scarlett bot works only on twitter for the moment. How does it work ? It’s quite simple actually. You just need to ping Scarlett twitter’s account (@appscarlett), asking it to “make a playlist” for you and attaching your Soundcloud Profile URL. Within a few seconds (or minutes if you have a hundreds of favorites), Scarlett will tweet you back a link to your personalized playlist !

Scarlett Bot


Behind the scene

How this bot really works ? It is a relatively simple mashup of the Twitter streaming API and the Niland API. Every time a user asks for a playlist, we analyze the musical structures present in the songs she favorited.  We then craft a playlist finding other songs that possess similar traits. As usual at Niland, we only use a content-based approach for music recommendation. We then send the playlist back to the requester through Twitter. 

We hope you will find hidden gems on Soundcloud thanks to this bots. Let us know what you think !




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