Introducing our New Dashboard : catalog analytics, new music explorer & tagging assistant

Introducing our New Dashboard : catalog analytics, new music explorer & tagging assistant
March 23, 2016 the team

This week we are releasing a much requested feature by our customers: a dashboard built on top of our API to manage their experiences.  

Most of our clients sell music to professionals such as ad agencies or filmmakers. Providing the right music through the right search and browsing experience is key to their business success.  This is why we came up with this new dashboard, to help our clients better manage our API to reach their business goals.

Let’s have a look at some of the top features that are now available to all our users.



Catalog & search analytics

This new analytics section will help you understand your content and how it fits your customers expectation or not. In this section, you will be able to see:

  • all the search queries made on your catalog, split by type of request (similar tracks, tags etc…). We show the most queried items and their evolution over time
  • your tag collections, which shows how your catalog is distributed among a variety of tags (genre, instruments…)
  • your analyzed tracks and which of these are still being processed, to manage your imports into the API



A New music explorer

Our brand new music explorer mimics the way your catalog will behave with niland technology. From this nice and simple interface, you can test the search features you can implement on your own apps :

  • search by automatically extracted tags
  • search using the audiosearch (from an mp3 or a youtube link)
  • surface all the similar tracks within your catalog
  • make comprehensive search queries, like a seed track + tag filtering

musicexplorer (1)


Tagging Assistant

Manual tagging of music is accurate but expensive and automatic tagging is fast but still not fully reliable yet. Let’s be honest, despite being the most accurate music classifier commercially available, our music classifier still makes some mistakes. Thanks to the help of our new tagging assistant, we can leverage on the best of both worlds. Every time a new track is uploaded, our system analyzes the track and will suggest the associated tags to qualify the music. You can then review the tags, correct them or add new ones. Our technology will take this feedback into account and learn from it to grow stronger and deliver better results. Every user interaction refines the tagging system!

taggingassistant (1)


The new dashboard and its features are included in our existing plans at no extra cost. We hope you will like it, and we will be more than happy to get your feedback.


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